About My Money Monitor

MyMoneyMonitor, a Bakersfield, California-based company specializing in money recovery, holds business licenses in five states and operates nationwide. Dedicated to tracking down unclaimed money and returning it to its rightful owners, MyMoneyMonitor works closely with many government agencies to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. After examining government property rolls for unclaimed funds, MyMoneyMonitor notifies the rightful owners and works with them to reclaim their money. The company places heavy emphasis on efficient and friendly customer service and employs a team of specialists experienced in guiding clients through a variety of property recovery processes. Furthermore, MyMoneyMonitor employs bilingual representatives who can fully assist Spanish-speaking clients, even in the most complex property recovery cases.

MyMoneyMonitor collects no fees for its services until after a client receives his or her returned money. The final fee includes the costs of finding the missing funds, locating the owner, and obtaining the funds from the government. MyMoneyMonitor maintains a track record of reuniting clients with lost funds within 90 days of receiving the claimant’s documentation.

With plans for expansion in the near future, MyMoneyMonitor pursues possibilities of adding new client services to their business. In addition to reclaiming escheated property, MyMoneyMonitor may eventually offer consulting services that could prevent unnecessary tax and insurance expenditures.


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